A downloadable game for Windows

Learn math with Flappy! Avoid the tubes and shoot math problems into oblivion by solving them. Do it quick or you will smash into the math. Raise your IQ by solving the problems. Both in-game and real life ;)

No install necessary, exe will run the game.


Up arrow key to flap
Shoot the math problems by typing the correct number key
'Enter' to start the game
'R' to reset
'Z' to trade 30 IQ for spread shot power up
'X' to shoot the spread shot

v1.2 Update:

Spread shot power up
More math
Trade IQ for spread shot

v1.1 Update:

Fixed IQ so it resets on death
Best score is now recorded
NumLock support
Added a couple more math problems


Animate Flappy
Rework GUI
Game Modes (Multiplication, Division, ect.)
Tube height variants


Music -Tonepoem

Chalkboard Font - DK Crayon Crumble

HTML 5 Game Development - By Jason Lee Elliott


FlappyMath_v1.2.exe 3 MB